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sports_abc50's Journal

Sports Icon Challenge
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sports_abc50 is yet another icon community similar to icon_alphabet and actor100. After looking around and seeing that there was no community that either allowed or had any participation in making sports icons, this community was set up. The only difference is we combine the ABC and 100 icon ideas. You'll make 26 icons using themes from the letters of the alphabet, and 24 of your own, making an even 50. Sound easy? Then read on.


001: Join the community, and submit a claim at this post. Read the information in that post to get an idea of what you can make, and read this post to see what claims are already taken. We welcome all icon makers, beginner to advanced.

002: Once your claim has been approved, you will be given posting access to the community.

003: You make 50 icons of your subject: 26 using themes from the alphabet, and 24 of your choice.

004: When you complete your challenge, comment on the completed sets post, and you will be added to the list. Your previous claim will then be open to others, and you can make another.


001: You may claim any team, athlete, event, and anything that falls under the sports category. What you can claim is elaborated on more specifically in the submit a claim post. You are allowed to make up to two claims at once.

002: Once you're accepted, you have 4 weeks to complete your claim from the day you are given posting access. That comes out to about 2 icons a day. Not hard at all.

003: If you have two claims started on the same day, you will be given an extra week to complete both. However, if you claim a subject while halfway through the first, you will not get any extra time. (ie: If you're two weeks into your team claim, then claim a player, you will still have two weeks to complete the first, overlapping the four to complete the player claim.)

004: The minimum you may post in a batch to this community is 5 icons. You must post at least once in the first week from the day your claim begins. Links to outside posts are allowed, as long as you have three teaser icons and state that it's a link.

005: The icons based on the alphabet are open to whatever interpretation you like. You can have a word in the icon (ie: champions), or you can use an abstract theme (ie: joy). All we ask is that you state what the theme/word is when you post your icons.

006: When you post icons, include the following:

» Your claim in the subject header (ie: Football - Manchester United)
» Batch number, and number of icons complete (ie: Batch 3 - 20/50)
» Icon and corresponding alphabet/theme (ie: 01. R - Red Devils; 04. T - Thigh)

007: You can post your icons in any order, artist's choice or alphabet first. As long as you have 50 when you're done. If you have two claims, each claim must have its own post when updated to the community.

008: Extensions will be given if you need them. We'll only add up to two weeks to your total claim time. If you feel you can't finish your claim or you wish to drop it, let us know so we can free it up.


Your moderators for the community are melloniel and jsie, though we'll be posting through sportsabc50mods. Please feel free to ask us any questions through the FAQ post.

» Claim a subject
» Master List
» Completed Sets
» FAQ & Affiliate


actor100 (actors100 = closed)